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There is growing evidence to validate that the entire human mission has entered a historic period of accelerated innovation and change. These changes will find us living in a future strikingly different from present realities. Sustainable Futures, Strategies, and Technologies will depend upon the physical-culture and personal-health of a population that awakens to attend to these responsibilities.


In addressing these resource issues, we have an opportunity to redefine and support progress for a new era in many fields.

Our Association has a long-term view of humanity’s future and our contribution to the well-being of the individual and the environment will inspire healthy changes for a new generation.

We offer solutions and a new approach to building entirely new futures from nutritional /dietary /survival /financial realities. We have developed a new paradigm of well-being support technologies and products and a distribution /marketing system that will have a long-term impact in a system in which we must all work together.

The new millennium has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for research and discovery in the nutritional and biological sciences. In turn, this has opened the door for a dynamic intellectual environment that facilitates advancement in both multidisciplinary research and novel but critical product development.

DirectionH’s founders understood the timing, accepted the invitation, and have risen to new frontiers of research and discovery. They have achieved this by developing state-of-the-science methodologies, unmatched nutritional/energy products and health systems, natural technologies and educational marketing methods that will greatly enhance the cultural stability and sustainability on the planet. Our understandings provide solutions and a new approach to building entirely new futures that at some point all people will need and want.

The menu of products offered by directionH™ presents science-based, natural, and safe alternatives for the body’s energy/dietary/survival needs.


First, all of our products are formulated according to human design.

Second, all of our micronutrients products are formulated to provide a one-of-a-kind nutrient absorption solution that synergistically addresses all systems of the body.

Third, our one-of-a-kind nutrient solutions are biologically effective in non-competing concentrations.

Fourth, our proprietary technology significantly increases the efficacy of our products.

Fifth, our proprietary technology dramatically reduces production costs.

Sixth, our products are incapable of being reverse engineered.

Seventh, we currently have 61 one-of-a-kind formulas, products and systems that will span into the energy drink market, food industry, enhanced water market, survival food and the fertilizer marketplace.

DirectionH’s understandings of the metabolic patterns inherent within human physiology and the blueprint of nature have led product development for solutions in support of optimal wellness that are particularly applicable for these modern times. Our distinctive products are formulated according to the natural design of our energy usage hierarchy, the rhythms of life, the uniqueness of male and female physiologies, and the various stages of life.

The comprehensive philosophy and position of our company is that we are in the Human Energy Management Business™. All disciplines of science understand that, at their fundamental level, all things are energy. Our commitment is to improve human energy levels with products and systems that increase and maintain cellular function to meet the ongoing adaptability requirements of the human body.

With over 40 years of experience in the nutritional/dietary/lifestyle industry, we are now ready to offer solutions to many of the disorders in the life cycle of human energy metabolism supporting progressive steps of cellular responsiveness and advancing systemic orchestration leading to the preservation of wellness.

Our Natural Nutrient Delivery System™ is an evolution in human nutrition…